Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs and provides direction to Pembina's executive team, sets corporate policy and ensures Pembina meets all regulatory requirements while maintaining high standards
for corporate governance and ethical business practices.

The Board is comprised of thirteen members. Twelve of the thirteen directors, including the Chairman of the Board, are independent within the meaning provided by Canadian securities laws. The only director who currently is not independent is the President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mick Dilger. Directors are elected by shareholders at the Company's annual general meeting.

Roles & Responsibilities

Each committee of the Board has a charter that specifies the business objectives that are to be achieved as well as the roles and responsibilities of the committee chairs and members.

Board Mandate
Position Description - Board Chair
Governance, Nominating & CSR Committee Charter
HSE Committee Charter
HR & Compensation Committee Charter
Audit Committee Charter
Risk Management Committee Charter
Standards for Director Independence
Major Projects Committee Charter
More Information

Our information circular provides additional information about our corporate governance practices while our Shareholder Rights Plan provides details on how investors are protected in the event of a corporate takeover.
Information Circular
Shareholder Rights Plan
Certificate and Articles of Amalgamation


Randall J. Findlay
Chairman of the Board
Anne-Marie Ainsworth
Chair, Health, Safety & Environment Committee
David M.B. LeGresley
Chair, Human Resources & Compensation Committee
Robert B. Michaleski
Chair, Major Projects Committee
Jeffrey T. Smith
Chair, Governance, Nominating & CSR Committee
Michael (Mick) H. Dilger
President & Chief Executive Officer
Gordon J. Kerr
Chair, Audit Committee