Pembina is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance and ethical practices,
both within the corporate boardroom and throughout our operations.

Commitment to best practices & high standards

Our governance program ensures that a comprehensive system of stewardship and accountability is in place and functioning among our Board of Directors, management, employees and contractors. We're committed to the principles of good governance and Pembina employs a variety of policies, programs and practices to manage corporate governance and ensure compliance. This includes:

  • An independent Chairman of the Board.
  • Independent directors. Eight of the ten Board members are independent.
  • Directors are elected on an individual basis and stand for reappointment to the Board each year at the company's annual general meeting.
  • Every Board member and Pembina employee is required to annually certify compliance with the company's Code of Ethics and corporate policies.
  • The Governance Committee has a process to nominate directors and assess directors on an ongoing basis.
  • Committees of the Board and individual directors can engage outside advisors at the Company's expense.
  • The Human Resource & Compensation Committee has a formal succession planning process in place for the CEO and other members of Pembina's executive team.
  • Ensuring director education occurs regularly. Each new director receives a company orientation, which includes a strategic review and risk analysis. At least once per year, the Board participates in a strategy session that includes reviewing the Company's operational activities and future growth opportunities, and seeking the opinions of third-party advisors as it relates to internal and external forces that could positively or negatively impact the Company.
Our corporate governance practices are designed with a view to:
  • Ensure our businesses are effectively managed in the best interests of investors;
  • Ensure we meet our obligations to all regulatory bodies, business partners, customers, stakeholders, employees and shareholders; and
  • Ensure we operate in a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner.
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Pembina Pipeline Corporation and all entities controlled by the Corporation are committed to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in all activities.

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Pembina's corporate policies provide guidance on how our employees and contractors interact with each other and our external stakeholders.