Why Invest

  • We are a leading North American energy infrastructure company with diverse and integrated assets, strategically located to serve world-class geology.
  • We have a track record of profitable growth and a robust portfolio of new opportunities to enhance the long-term value of our shares.
  • Our proven business strategy is built upon financial and operating principles that are low to moderate risk.
  • We have a strong balance sheet, prudent approach to capital allocation and investment-grade credit rating.
  • We are committed to providing highly competitive dividends.
  • We exist to serve all stakeholders – customers, investors, employees and communities.


Pembina has paid approximately $6.5 billion in dividends since inception 
To October 15, 2018. Pembina began paying dividends in 1997.

Pembina is a member of the TSX 60 Index.

Company Snapshot

Common shares outstanding (1) 506 million
TSX common share trading price (1) $43.23
TSX 52-week trading range (1) $37.60 - $47.84
Market Capitalization (1) $21.9 billion
Total enterprise value (1) $31.7 billion

$2.28/share annualized ($0.19/share monthly)

Yield (1) 5.0%
Corporate credit rating (2) BBB
(1) As at November 1, 2018. Market capitalization includes common shares. Total enterprise value includes convertible debentures, preferred shares and senior debt. See "Non-GAAP and Additional GAAP measures" in Pembina's public filings.
(2) DBRS and S&P.
(1) On October 1, 2010 Pembina completed its conversion from an income trust to a corporation pursuant to a plan of arrangement under the Alberta Business Corporations Act.
(2) Refer to "Non-GAAP Measures" in the PDF of Pembina's 2017 Annual Report.
(3) 2008 - 2011 Includes interest paid during construction reported as per Canadian GAAP; 2012 - 2017 Information reported as per IFRS.
(4) 2008 - 2010 Information reported as per Canadian GAAP; 2011 - 2017 Information reported as per IFRS.
(5) Includes Pembina proportionate interest in equity accounted investees in operating margin