Stakeholder Engagement

At Pembina, building long-term relationships based on mutual trust with communities is a top priority. Part of building that trust is making sure we understand regional issues so we can anticipate and manage the social impacts of our operations on local communities. Over the years, that strategy has served us well; we've developed a reputation for honesty, transparency and treating our Aboriginal communities and local stakeholders with respect.

Consultation that counts

Before a project begins, Pembina is in the field consulting with Aboriginal and local communities, landowners and other stakeholders affected by the proposed development. Our aim: to learn about their needs and expectations, and to address potential concerns. We know that effective engagement requires open, two-way communication and we employ a number of tools - including open houses, one-on-one discussions and community meetings - to identify and resolve issues and find solutions.

The feedback we receive from stakeholders:

  • Influences where we place our pipelines;
  • What steps we take to minimize disruptions to the environment;
  • What local labour and businesses we may use, and
  • How we can make a positive difference through our community investment program.